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The Spatial Solutions Story



My name is Kayla and I started Spatial Solutions in 2020 as an Instagram page I'd hoped would gain some interest. Although it wasn't too long ago, I remember the hopeful and excited feeling I got when I landed my first project with someone I didn't already know. As she showed me around, she told her kids my name and that I was a professional here to help. At the same time, I was so excited to hear those words, but I wondered if I could really be considered a professional who knows what she's doing on her first job. This is a moment I can look back on and realize how much I have learned through each project I have had the opportunity to do. I truly enjoy meeting and working with my clients and am so grateful for each project that comes my way!


I emphasize that every space is unique because maximizing the functionality of the physical space depends so much upon how the homeowner wants to use it. My goal is to set my clients up for long-term success by listening to what they are looking for, implementing an orderly arrangement of the things occupying the space, and providing materials that will make maintenance as effortless as possible.


For a space to function well, it should be free from visual distractions. Clean lines, even spacing, and coordinated materials create a visual appeal that invites you into a space you want to stay in.

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