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Meredith M.

Kayla has been a Godsend to me in so many ways. She is extremely professional while also being personable and tailoring her work to your design style and organizational needs. We have gone through 10 years of accumulation and it was fun to do it together with Kayla’s expertise and advice. She provided wonderful ideas for the spaces along with storage bins fit to the exact measurements we needed. We labeled everything with professional looking labels to help me stay organized for the long haul. I had a time goal and Kayla made sure to be available when I needed her so we could reach the goal. I am so impressed and happy with the organization, and also grateful for the friend I found in Kayla!

Nancy P.

You won't be disappointed with her work! It's worth every penny! We never imagined being this organized with such a small amount of closet and pantry space! She's nothing less than a miracle worker!

Jessica P.

As an organizer, Kayla is conscientious and insightful. I could tell she researched and brainstormed to tailor to my specific needs. I found a lot of value in her service. I would use her again in a heartbeat!

Allison W.

I cannot say enough good thing about Kayla and her services. Kayla has helped my family in both residential and commercial settings, and both times she has exceeded any expectations. She had to be creative and think outside the box because space was an issue. I was so impressed with how quickly she came up with great ideas. The entire process was so easy and enjoyable. Cannot recommended Spatial Solutions enough! 

Jamie C.

What a fun and enjoyable makeover my closet received! Working with Kayla and her eye for a certain vision was perfect... I enjoyed her time in my home for sure!

Michelle Z.

I hired Kayla to help me organize my office. Since we moved into our home seven years ago I’d been telling myself that I was going to organize things and make Our extra bedroom a functional home office. Seven years later it was literally just a junk holding room with no organization at all and was not even usable because of all the stuff in it. You could literally barely walk in the room. Kayla came in and came up with a completely new design for the room and then executed the organization and design. The office is beautiful now and I use it to work from home. I would highly recommend Kayla. She was fast, efficient, and had excellent communication. Ten out of ten.

Kristen E.

I hired Kayla @spatial_solutions to organize our master closet. My husband and I had a lot of unnecessary things in our closet and we were in desperate need of a better storage plan where every item had a designated “home.” Kayla was extremely professional and began with an assessment and consultation where she was full of ideas, a detailed plan, and best of eagerness to give her time and heart into the project! She heard all of my special requests that I had for my dream closet, and she was extremely organized in sharing the research she had done for her vision as well. Kayla discussed the budget with me and did an amazing job shopping around for shelves, bins, a hat rack, shoe rack, and even laundry baskets and a dresser that stayed within the budget. I learned SO much from her! She taught me how to color-code my clothes, how to fold to save space, and even how to fold my pants correctly on hangers as a space saver! I would recommend her services 100 times over! She is a 5 out of 5 stars! She is an absolute delight to work with, and you will love the sunshine she brings when she is around! Thanks to Kayla, we have kept the cleanest closet in Alabama! We smile every time we walk into such an organized space! If you have anything that needs organizing, she can take the stress out of the mess! 

Katie M.

If your space lacks efficiency and order, call Kayla Fichtner at Spatial Solutions today. Kayla not only sorted, organized and labeled our entire storage area at Auburn Day School, she also created a system for keeping everything in its proper place. For a fast-paced and growing STEM preschool, Spatial Solutions gave us an organization system we can be proud of! Kayla is professional, hardworking, trustworthy and kind! She goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the final product. And we truly are! I couldn’t recommend Kayla Fichtner and Spatial Solutions more highly.

Allie K.

Spatial solutions revolutionized how I organize and even do my nails at home. Prior to Kayla coming up with the idea to organization of my nail polish supplies, I had a DOZEN small bags and boxes that I put all my supplies in. It was messy, disorganized, and I had no way of keeping track of everything. She came in, suggested the supplies I needed for easy access, transportation, and organization, but she also gave me excellent ideas as to how it could also look cute. The cart is so easy to move, so I can do my nails with all of my supplies so easily in any room in my home, but it also is separated by kind of polish or supply! She also color coded all of it depending on what kind of theme I wanted to do! Honestly I could not be happier with how it turned out. Thanks so much Spatial Solutions!

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