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Decluttering 101

1. Set "do dates" for yourself
2. Create a giveaway (or sale) pile then GIVE IT AWAY!
3. Consistently check your pantry for expired items
4. Throw away plastic utensil packets, ketchup, jams, and all the others from fast food restaurants
5. Don't keep miscellaneous pieces that don't belong in a set
6. Pair down on pens, sticky notes, etc. 
7. If you invest in new bins or baskets, don't keep the old ones
8. Say goodbye to old iPhones, computers, DVD players, etc.
9. Throw away your apple product boxes (yes, they're nice but they don't serve a purpose)
10. Broken items that realistically won't be fixed
11. Keep sentimental items to a minimum - create a space for them and don't let it overflow
12. Old gift bags can usually be thrown away (Amazon bags are a big one)
13. Continually go through papers, mail, and lists that pile up
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